[Latest]10 Best Shoes for ANKLE SUPPORT 2021

Just imagine your performance next day in international athletes, and you’re suffering from ankle pain; we’re pretty sure you can’t even imagine that. Ankles in your feet are responsible for your efficient walking and running activities. Ankle pain can be one of the worse pains you can experience in your life as it restricts you … Read more

[Latest]10 Best ROCKER BOTTOM Shoes 2021

Rocker bottom shoes— also called toning shoes, come to the market with thick soles that curve upward at the toe and heel. This particular design makes rocker popular among people who suffer from severe plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, or their back pain is getting worse day by day. The best part? Rocker bottom shoes help you … Read more

[10 Latest] Best Shoes for LOWER BACK PAIN

Sitting on an office chair or standing for long hours can lead you to the severe conditions of back pain. Shoes and back pain are closely correlated with each other. A little imbalance in your footwear can bring you to the bed for months. The connection of nerves between the spine and legs plays the … Read more

[Latest Designs]10 Best BALLROOM Dance Shoes of 2020

Ballroom dance has a lot of colorful flavors. Whether you’re interested in Waltz, Tango, Quicksteps, Cha-cha, or Rumba, Whichever dance style you’re going to adopt, it’s important to Google suitable shoes for it first. Unlike other activities, where you can wear casual shoes — where weight doesn’t matter, the ballroom is quite different dance and … Read more

10 Best SALSA Shoes [Latest Designs] 2020

Best SALSA Shoes For Men & Women

There are countless types of dance out there that have been following by dance enthusiasts for centuries. They have always been a part of our celebration, ritual, exercise, communication, and fun. Zumba, Tap, Swing, and Jazz are the top of them. But Salsa has its own class and fan following. Especially, It offers a great … Read more

13 Best TAP Shoes: 2020 Reviews

Whether you’re a professional tap dancer or trying your hand at it for the first time, your dance journey must start with the right pair of shoes. You have to feel your feet while rocking the stage. Perfect tap shoes take you to the right place — bad ones may land you in a hospital … Read more

13 Best SWING Shoes of 2020 [Men & Women]

Best Swing Shoes

Do you think you’re bad at swing dancing (me too)? How do you know? Michael Jackson didn’t become a great dancer in one hour; it takes practice, patient, and the essential right pair of swing shoes. Is that figure accurate? Who knows! But what I do know is that the right shoe is super important. … Read more