[Latest Designs]10 Best BALLROOM Dance Shoes of 2020

Ballroom dance has a lot of colorful flavors. Whether you’re interested in Waltz, Tango, Quicksteps, Cha-cha, or Rumba, Whichever dance style you’re going to adopt, it’s important to Google suitable shoes for it first.

Unlike other activities, where you can wear casual shoes — where weight doesn’t matter, the ballroom is quite different dance and its all about quicksteps and turns. So to achieve every dance step perfectly, you need a shoe that is true to size, fits like a glove, and most important  (especially for a newbie) lightweight.

Such lightweight and comfortable shoes make you stand out in your ballroom class and give ultimate protection while performing quick turns and moves.

Top Picked Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Photo Title Specialty Best For Check Price
Bloch Annabella Ballroom Shoe Lightweight Fit Support on the Wood Floor Check Price
Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather Wedding Shoes Reliable Insole Dance and Wedding Check Price
iCKER GetMine Womens Latin Dance Shoes Non-Slip Wool Bottom Sole Beginners Check Price
Very Fine Ladies Women Ballroom Dance Shoes Lace-Up Design Wide Feet Check Price
Bloch Splitflex T-Strap Character Shoe Synthetic Sole Painful Ankles Check Price
Capezio Men's 1.75 Inch Tony Latin Stability Hurting Feet Check Price
Werner Kern Women's July - 2 3/4" (6.5 cm) Flare Heel High-Quality Suede Leather Gliding Check Price
Dancine Glitz Party Evening Hybrid High Heels Heel of 4 Inches Short Heightened Dancers Check Price
YKXLM Men's & Women's Black Leather Professional Latin Dance Shoes Breathable Lining Hectic Dance Classes Check Price
Capezio Men's 1" Standard Ballroom Shoe,Black,11 M US Durability and Support Men Check Price

In this beginner’s guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the top 10 best ballroom dance shoes. The following shoes are available in different styles and prices. The bottom line? We have also analyzed cheap ballroom shoes for all those dancers who’re just testing out ballroom dancing for a lesson. Let’s get to it.

1. Bloch Dance Annabella: Low Heel Ballroom Dance Shoes

Comfortable than flats, Annabella Bloch Dance shoes are ideally designed by the brand Bloch for those who wear shoes for a few hours at a time. To put it more simply, they mostly picked by social dancer, students, and teaching professional due to its lightweight and durability.

Key Features :
Bloch Dance Annabella Ballroom Shoe Low Heel Ballroom Dance Shoes

Annabella Bloch Dance shoe is designed to tackle your quick moves with total comfort. It offers a lightweight fit and features a suede sole that gives great support on the wood floor. It includes stable low wide heel with straps that allow you to tight them at your own convenience.

The leading point of this shoe is they feature soft and strong leather upper coupled with a cushioned insole that makes your feet happy. They not only melt the heart of dancers with their look but thanks to the comfortable outsole, that allows you to turn your whole body effortlessly.

Unlike tap shoes that offer high heels, they have a low heel that provides great support on the dance floor plus the suede is less slippery than the rubber.

  • Low Heel design
  • Cute and comfy
  • Lined with suede sole
  • Slippery outsoles
  • Buyers often complain about the size
  • Straps are not durable

Final Verdict :

They are true to size, lightweight, and would be a great move if someone wants to buy them as a practice shoe. A bit slippery suede bottom and lack of support is the downside of this cute shoe. However, we strongly recommend them for those who love to wear low heeled shoes.

2. Franzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent: Best Formal Shoes

Whether you’re going to attend a friend marriage party or trying your luck at dancing for the first time, Franzi Tuxedo for men deserves a place in your wardrobe. They appear in lace-up closure design, Strap and buckle, and suede strap design that offers excellent fit on the ground.

Key Features :

_Franzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather Wedding Best Formal Shoes

No doubt, they’re specially designed for wedding parties and formal use. However, thanks to its reliable insole and rubber leather, that makes them compatible with dancing parties.

Due to light materials, they are light to foot and fit true to size. They feature about an inch heel and look to be slip-resistant and they don’t make a sound while walking. The advanced point of this professional ballroom shoe is its polished look that stands you out in the class and will elevate your look.

If you’re the one who often wears steel toe shoes— then you have bad luck there, they’re not lined with a steel toe.

  • Well made at every point
  • Attractive look
  • Small heel with reasonable support
  • Smooth leather in the uppers
  • A bit stretchy
  • Absence of sturdy toe

Final Verdict :

These black chunky shoes for man has the potential to catch the attention of everyone you walk past for a good reason —plus available in different combination at a cheap rate. On the other side, you might find them a little big for narrow feet.

3. Ballroom Salsa Tango: Cushioned Dance Shoes

A pair of comfy but fashionable ballroom shoes are must-have for women who don’t want to compromise on their look. That’s why we’re going to highlight iCKER GetMine high heel shoes that offer both features under one roof.

Key Features :

Ballroom Salsa Tango Party Sequin Dance Shoes Cushioned Dance Shoes

There is a lot to love about iCKER GetMine woman shoes. They’re durable, stylish, and most foremost point is a great bang for the buck. To avoid slipping, they’re equipped with the non-slip wool bottom sole.

Three-dimensional ceramic thick glitter out there that will stick you out in dance party. Insoles are made in a way to provide you ultimate comfort while twist and turns.

Apart from the fancy buckle, crystals don’t fell off at all. Memory light effect colorful fabric shines an alike star. The 2-inch high adds a fabulous look to your personality and makes them ideal for Cha-cha Salsa and Latin dance.

  • Titanium alloy buckle
  • Available in different colors and style
  • Solid shoe pad
  • lightweight and sweat-absorbent feature
  • Buckles  can be frustrating to fasten
  • An extra room may disturb thin feet

Final Verdict :

If you want to wear them for a long time, go for a rubber sole. It does the trick for indoor and outdoor use. On the other side, suede sole works fine for ballroom dance, however, not well rated by our expert for outdoor wear. But for this price, Latin ballroom dance shoe worth try.

4. Very Fine Ladies Shoes: Best Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

Often, ballroom shoes are designed to feel good instead of looking good, but who doesn’t want to avail both features at one time? For that reason, the EK1643 woman ballroom shoe is ready to hug your feet tightly.

Key Features :

Very Fine Ladies Women Ballroom Dance Shoes Best Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoes

To rock a stage for hours without getting sore feet, they have a low heel. Apart from comfortability, they come with a unique lace-up design that doesn’t put pressure on the bunion.

Talking more about it, the suede sole is engineered to add more flexibility and makes the shoe mold faster to your feet. Besides, leather and fabric are used in design that makes them durable and most importantly breathable.

The bottom line?

They offer a cushioned insole that prevents shock absorption and increases softness. However, you might look for more cushion in the ball of the foot if you have sensitive feet.

  • Cool lace-up design
  • Well Cushioned to support your feet
  • Long-lasting with high-quality materials
  • Fit Well in all sizes
  • Lack of cushion for sensitive feet
  • Some users find it Highly-priced

Final Verdict :

Fine Ladies shoes offer everything you want in professional ballroom shoes. They’re all about comfort, sung, and durability. The price of these women’s ballroom dance shoes might hurt your pocket a little, but to put it simply, you won’t look for another pair after trying them.

5. Bloch Dance Women’s Split Flex Character Shoe: Ballroom Salsa Shoes

As its name implies, Women’s Split Flex Character Shoe engineered with elasticized panel fixed underfoot that allows the Split flex to move with the foot in pointe and demi. Thanks to the external shank stabilizer, that strengthens the heel without compromising flexibility. Let’s break each element down.

Kye Features :

_Bloch Dance Womens Split Flex Character Shoe Ballroom Salsa Shoes

Coming within the T-strap silhouette, this high-quality dance shoe offer shank coupled with an elastic that wraps around the underside of the foot and connects to the forefoot to improve your pointe.

Adding more to it, they’re based on buckles with an elastic that adds more fit to your feet. Plus, its Synthetic sole is unbeatable on the ground.

Unlike other high heel shoes that hurt the ankle, in spite of high heel, they work fine for sensitive feet and offer exceptional support on the wooden floor.

The interesting part?

They fit like gloves on flat and wide feet —as well as you may not get the tightest fit for a narrow foot.

  • Gorgeous and comfortable
  • Lined T-bar strap and buckle
  • Leather lining
  • High heel reinforces the ankle joints
  • Scuff after some times of use
  • Lack of stability

Final Verdict :

As we mentioned before, these ladies’ ballroom shoes are versatile so you can give them a whirl for both indoor and outdoor use plus run great for its money. They stretch amazingly and the leather covers the heel as well makes it more diligent.

6. Capezio Men’s Tony Latin Oxford: Capizeo Ballroom Dance Shoe

A lot of ballroom fans love to wear the shoe that is particularly designed by best ballroom dance shoe brands, that being so, we got reviewed Capezio Dance shoes—Kingong of shoe market—which is quite popular for combining versatility and style.

Kye Features :

Capezio Mens 1.75 Inch Tony Latin Oxford Capizeo Ballroom Dance Shoe

Made with pure and little calfskin leather—Tony Latin Oxford has the right combination of features that makes it ideal for Ballroom dance. It offers a suede sole (instead of rubber sole that often can !) that offers amazing flexibility and comfort to the sensitive feet.

1.75″ Cuban heel, that improves the efficiency of walking and adds a solid look to your body. Besides, they’re well crafted and lightweight, so you can wear them for a long time without getting any pain in your feet ball.

Beyond that, they feature a lightly padded color that gives stability around the ankle combined with a notch and Achilles that reduce pressure and add more support to the feet.

  • Offer light padded collar reduces pressure
  • Cuban Style heel add a sophisticated touch to your body
  • Well Cushioned
  • Works steadily
  • Runs Small
  • Often fits tight

Final Verdict :

We found them a little tight on the feet, on the other hand, however, they offer the right amount of room for big toes. They are equipped with lace-up design, so you can make these comfortable ballroom shoes more supportive according to your needs.

7. Werner Kern Women’s July:  Most comfortable ballroom dance shoes

Available in an Antique Silver color that drives the attention of everyone like crazy. Our no 7, July is flawlessly designed with the most elegant leather materials and carefully crafted for those who’re all set to rock the stage with the most expensive ballroom shoes.

Key Features :

Werner Kern Womens July Most comfortable ballroom dance shoes

Loaded with shock-absorbent cushioning that overcome some of the pressure placed on the heel. Further to this, The July offers an upper constructed from gentle goatskin leather for a supple fit coupled with a lining feature that is breathable and helps you to get rid of moisture.

A flexible midsole, made from latex, provides exceptional comfort. Due to crisscross straps and open toes that make this shoe ideal for Latin ballroom dance.

It comes to the market with 2.5  flare heel that makes your body leaner and offers excellent stability and poise. Don’t want to lose control while performing quick turns? Well, to make you tension-free, July is made from high-quality suede leather for light and controllable turning and gliding.

  • Flare Heel
  • Breathable and feature linning
  • Well-cushioned
  • Soft Goatskin Leather
  • It seems quite expensive
  • It may hurt your toe

Final Verdict :

We strongly recommend these Latin ballroom shoes to those ballroom enthusiasts who take their class seriously and searching to invest in serious dance footwear. After trying it, you won’t look for another ballroom shoe because it is durable, versatile — lastly lighter and more flexible than street shoes.

8. Ballroom Bachata Dance Shoes: High-Quality Dance Shoes

Do you want to enjoy other something interesting other than tap dance? Go for this shoe and practice ballroom dance now. Designed with high heels, these dance shoes are perfect for short heightened dancers. No matter whether you’re going to dance solo or in pairs, your feel will perform best in Bachata shoes.

Key Features:

Ballroom Bachata Dance Shoes High-Quality Dance Shoes

You’ll feel the softness of the sole after placing your foot on it. Made with pure rubber, its insole is extremely soft that your feet will never feel pain even after long hours of practice. A closure buckle is present within it provides the most efficient grip to your feet.

At the bottom, a long heel of 4 inches is present which will give you the feeling of performing at proximate heights. At the front, the toe is also made a bit high to give a perfect balance to your feet. Thus in turn it keeps you steady while you’re moving your feet during dance classes.

Another amazing feature about it is that its heel is totally skid-resistant. Moreover, it’ll provide you a smooth experience as the whole of its outsole is made noise-free with high-quality materials.

  • Presence of a closure strap
  • 4″heel
  • High-quality materials in construction
  • Skid-resistant outsole
  • Available only in medium size
  • May cause some problems for wide feet

Final Verdict:

No doubt these dance shoes are a bit tight in wide feet but overall they’re perfect for those who want to enjoy ballroom dance in the right meanings. The materials, the closure straps, the insole in short every feature in it will make you spend your money on it for at least once.

9. YKXLM Men’s & Women’s Leather: Low Heel Dancing Shoes

We know block heels aren’t such common in ballroom dancing but believe us these YKXLM leather shoes will blow your mind with its amazing texture. Apart from the typical leather shoes, these comfortable dance shoes will bring you the peace that your feet demand while dancing at your best.

Key Features:

YKXLM Mens & Womens Leather Low Heel Dancing Shoes (2)


The upper portion made up pure and genuine leather, this shoe will last for years. An exceptional shine on the leather at the outer side will add more to your grace and will make you feel like a professional ballroom dancer while you’re performing.

The external grip is provided with a very easy lace-up design. Unlike all other ballroom dancing shoes, a high-quality fabric made laces are integrated with steel inlets which will prevent the early tearing out of laces.

A breathable lining is present on the inner side which will let your feet breathe in the fresh air. Thus you’ll feel completely fresh during hectic dance classes. Moreover, additional padding is also present for more support and comfort.

  • Made with genuine leather
  • Breathable lining
  • Added cushioning
  • Lace-up design
  • The heel may run short for some people
  • It may cause pain in your ankles

Final Verdict:

Not only suitable for ballroom dancing but also works excellent for swing dancing, most of the customers find it quite convenient.  Some people, however,dislike the feature of block heels but an easy lace-up design, and a very breathable lining sets it as the best dancing shoe. You’ll not regret spending your money on this masterpiece.

10. Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes: Low Heel Dance Shoes For Ballroom

What if you’re a man and still want to practice ballroom? Try out these shoes. Particularly designed for men they’re giving the golden opportunity to male dancers to bring their talent to the stage. You’ll love them as they’re available with all the necessary features.

Key Features:

Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes Low Heel Dance Shoes For Ballroom

It’s included in the list of graceful ballroom dancing shoes as its upper portion is wholly made up of leather. You’ll love the quality by rubbing your hand on it. Very smooth and very calm!

The inner and the lower sole is made up of suede which will increase its durability and support. A heel cup is also integrated into it which will hold your feet properly. This feature will not let you slip you during your high movements of ballroom dancing.

Available with medium width this shoe is perfect for those who have normal feet. A very convenient lace-up design makes it easy for the users to wear it without any hustle. A heel of 2″makes it perfect for ballroom dancers.

  • Suede inner and outer sole
  • Upper made up of leather
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Durable and support
  • The medium fit will cause some inconvenience for flat feet
  • Some customers don’t find it fancy

Final Verdict:

Regardless of the inconvenience because of the medium width, these ballroom dancing shoes are still acting best to provide all facilities to the professional male dancers. Exceptional support along with comfort in this shoe will make you buy it at first sight.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Ballroom Dancing Shoes (An Informative Buying Guide)

Don’t even imagine buying your first ballroom dancing shoes without going into the anatomy of these particular shoes. There’s no way to compromise on the efficiency of your dance. As a matter of fact, your shoes are the reason behind your moves.

A dancing shoe without all necessary features in it is just like random footwear that covers your feet. If you want to experience some best moments during your performance you’ve to consider some tips before buying a ballroom dancing shoe.

After taking a deep overview of all features we’ve discovered a basic buying guide that will let you buy the best item in the market. Let’s dive in.

Fitting– Consider Your Size

Obviously, you can’t afford the suffocation of your feet in dancing shoes. A perfect fit matters the most when you’re about to buy a ballroom dancing shoe. Unlike the normal shoes, dancing shoes demand a little more grip and fit to provide you the ways to move your feet. So the best way is to look for your size before choosing the shoe.

Heel Height– Choose the Standard Height

Another most important factor to consider in ballroom dancing shoes is the height of the heel. No doubt the heights of ballroom shoes are normally higher than the standard ones. The best way is to select the height and check whether your feet are comfortable at that height or not. Very low or extremely high heels may cause problems so go for the moderate ones.

Sole Material– Durability Matters

No one wants to spend their money on a shoe that doesn’t last long. So, try to check the quality of materials before you make the decision of buying the right shoe. Try to buy those shoes which are made up of leather or soft suede, as these materials are perfect not only for longevity but also for comfort.

Closure Straps– Get the Perfect Grip

The presence or absence of a closure buckle or strap in the ballroom dancing shoe matters a lot as it’s responsible for the additional grip. You can move your feet efficiently only when they’re provided with the perfect grip and support. So prefer to buy those shoes which have a closure buckle at the top.

For bringing all of your efforts to the stage we’ve mentioned some of the amazing options in the content above. Buying the right ballroom dancing shoe is a really head scorching task. The products and buying guiding above will make it easy for you. So don’t waste your energy on other options, pick any one of them and tell your friends what ballroom dancing really means.

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