13 Best SWING Shoes of 2020 [Men & Women]

Do you think you’re bad at swing dancing (me too)? How do you know? Michael Jackson didn’t become a great dancer in one hour; it takes practice, patient, and the essential right pair of swing shoes.

“Dancing is 95% confidence, 3% what you’re wearing, and 2% knowing the dance steps.”

Is that figure accurate? Who knows!

But what I do know is that the right shoe is super important. “Why? Perfect swing partners make the world go ’round— bad ones just make the room spin. “Clear as mud?

In short:

Swing dance is all about smooth twists & turns and bouncy movements, so, to avoid any mishaps, you must look for a swing dance shoes that bear your every quick step and give you flexibility and comfort.

What’s the bottom line?

We know, picking the right shoe for swing dancing isn’t easy as shooting fish in a barrel, that’s why, we have read comments, reviewed and personally checked dozens of footwears and after 23 hours of hard work, we have found the following best swing shoes that are plush, comfortable, and snug.

Photo Title Specialty Best For Price
Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Women's Aubrey Pump Quite Airy Swing Dress Check Price
Tic-Tac-Toes Women's Swing Dancing Shoe Comfortable Toe-Box Long Dance Sessions Check Price
GP 50 Shades of Swing Dance Dress Shoes Laces and High-Quality Fabric Ballroom Dance Check Price
Jig Foo Women's Pumps Dance Shoes Sturdy Heels Formal Wear Check Price
Keds Women's COURTY CORE Canvas Sneaker Rubber Sole Walking and Casual Wear Check Price
NLeahershoe Slide Buckle Leather Tap Shoes Dancing Shoes Split-Sole and Block Heels Party Wear and Dancing Check Price
Dress First Flats Dance Shoes Women Low Heel Genuine Leather Pumps Straps and Closure Buckle Contemporary and Jazz Dances Check Price
Ollio Women's Shoes Faux Suede Classic Wingtips Lace Up Shoes Leather Made Outsole Ballet Dancing Check Price
STELLE 2" Character Shoes for Women Additional Grip with a Strap Highland Dancing Check Price
Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Women's Round Toe Shoes Comfortable Outsole and Insole Salsa Check Price
Capezio Men's 1" Standard Ballroom Shoe Extremely Lightweight All age dancers Check Price
NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes for Men Short Heel Street Dance Check Price

Top Chosen Swing Dance Shoes for Men & Women 2020

Performing your best dance at the stage is not possible unless you are wearing the best swing shoes. For the sake of your convenience, we have made sure to surprise you with the best options in the market so you can rock at the floor with comfort.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the best and reasonable swing shoes for you.

1: Rockport Women’s Aubrey: Best Vintage Dance Shoes

A perfectly designed dance shoe not only enhances your elegance but also allows you to move with swag. If you are looking for a heel dancing shoe with a closed toe, then I am going to introduce you with the best ever dancing shoe with heels. You can amaze your audience by the magic of dancing by wearing it!

Key Features:

Rockport Womens Aubrey Best Vintage Dance Shoes


If you are living in an area having warm weather all day and still have to dance, then you can give a whirl to Rockpot Women’s Shoe. Similar to the European style, they are made with furnished leather.

Many individuals are looking for something airy to wear during their swing dance classes as feet need oxygen. So for providing an efficient amount of oxygen to your feet, these swing dancing shoes are available with undefined breathability.

An adjustable strap and a closure clip are present; thus, your feet will experience firm grip during the moves. A leather insole made with pigskin that will give you a feeling like you are walking on a cotton bed.

The outsole is entirely made up of rubber; thus, it is resistant free.

What’s the best part?

It is highly versatile. It is not strictly bound to be worn in only dance classes, but you can wear them under your party outfits too!

  • Extreme comfort
  • Rubber outsole
  • Leather insole
  • Provides high stability
  • Not suitable for a wider foot
  • The former part may hurt your fingers

Final Verdict:

This beautiful leather piece is going to catch your attention in the best way. With all the modern requirements of perfect dancing shoes, it is setting up its position at the top. So, choose Rockport Women’s Aubrey and walk with confidence now!

2: Tic-Tac-Toes Women’s shoes: Swing Dance Heels

Dance like poppet and forget the tensions of the world! As the name indicates, our next product will help you produce tic-tac sound by popping on the dancing floor. Many dancers are demanding for the leather made regular shoes which they can wear everywhere. So don’t take your eyes from this leather piece!

Key Features:

Tic Tac Toes Womens shoes Swing Dance Heels


Like Zumba Shoes, they can mold in the shape of all kinds of feet. They will hold your feet tightly during dancing.  The insole is entirely synthetic and environmentally friendly.

Heels can make your posture look perfect and add more to your dancing outfit. There is a self-locking buckle at the side that helps you move your feet in every position.

If you want something tight and stretchable in your feet while going for dance class, you can wear them for sure. A block heel within it will give you a vibe of 80s fashion. Additional support is available with its perfectly designed outsole.

  • Additional comfort
  • Presence of block heels
  • Available with a side hook
  • Sleek and stylish outlook
  • Thin feet may not find it right in the grip
  • The cone-shaped toe box may hurt your feet

Final Verdict:

You will find it quite expensive at first sight, but you will not regret it later. The extreme level of comfort and durability is driving customers towards it. Buy this product and get golden tickets from your judge at a dancing show!

3: 50 Shades of Swing Dance Dress Shoes: Best Swing Dance Shoes

Who says women can’t dance? They dance better than most male dancers but with good shoes only! Unlike other pumps, with heels, swing dancing shoes are provided with a flat sole so women can wear them with elegance.

Key Features:

50 Shades of Swing Dance Dress Shoes Best Swing Dance Shoes


You may find it quite weird at first sight, but there is no way to explain the comfort it provides when you wear it once. Designed with high-quality leather on the outside and soft cotton insole is catching the attraction of many users.

Laces add more class to shoes, especially swing shoes. Between leather, there is also a high-quality fabric that increases its discernment. The sides are quite stiff, which adds to its life.

It is effortless to clean. You don’t have to spend minutes at cleaning, just one brush, and boom!

What makes it unique?

Unlike all typical dance shoes, you can use it for high-end modeling. In short, it is a perfection of artistry.

  • Laces are present in it.
  • Gives you a professional look
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect outsole and insole
  • Many folks don’t like its unique design
  • It requires a long time to put it on

Final Verdict:

In light of the features mentioned above it is clear that this shoe is going to enable you to dance everywhere. After wearing these shoes you will feel like you are dancing while wearing your sleepers. So, don’t waste your time and look for these dance shoes in your nearest store!

4: Jig Foo Women’s Shoes: Best Hopping Shoes

Just imagine not being able to show your favorite dance steps because of poor shoes. Ahh! I can’t even imagine that. For this reason, we are introducing you to another pair of shoes for swing dancing. Wearing pumps with short heals in dance classes is a new trend now.

Key Features:

Jig Foo Womens Shoes Best Hopping Shoes


After wearing these pumps with heels, you will feel a visible difference. Many people around the world fear joining dance classes because they are confused to choose the best pair of shoes. We are relieving your stress with this leather piece.

Your fingers will be covered in the best manner with more than one strap. Made up of high-quality materials, it is fulfilling the demands of its users.

Heels are manufacture from sturdy materials; thus, you will not fall during your performance with these cute swing shoes.

  • High breathability
  • Sturdy outsole
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Very lightweight
  • May not fit in large feet.
  • Only available in black color

Final Verdict:

Summing up the qualities of this shoe I will say that it is extra-ordinary. Based on my personal experience, I will suggest you buy a middle size if you have small feet. Overall, they are 11/10 recommended.

5: Keds Women’s Champion Sneaker: Best Swing Dance Sneakers

Sneakers never go out of fashion. No matter if you are wearing formal or casual attire, it will go on best. Focusing on this crucial need of our professional swing dancers, we present your highly demanded product called Keds Women’s Champion Canvas Sneaker.

Key Features:

Keds Womens Champion Sneaker Best Swing Dance Sneakers


Like Jazz shoes, they can be used in all types of dances. They are externally entirely covered with 100% pure Canvas. Being imported, they are made up of premium quality materials.

The outsole is made up of rubber, thus fly like a butterfly during your dance class. It hugs your feet in the way to provide them an extreme comfort.

Besides of compact structure, it provides your feet complete freedom to breathe in the fresh air.

What is an amazing fact?

The one thing that makes it different for other shoes is its fantastic room for your toes; thus, you can move your feet inside it freely.

  • Perfectly designed rubber sole
  • High arch support
  • Cushiony insole
  • Made up of canvas
  • Not suitable for those who want open sandals
  • No ankle support


Final Verdict:

Shoes can complete your personality, so there is nothing wrong with choosing your favorite pair of shows as they are provided with never-ending comfort and perfect grip. Many people are driving towards this white sneaker because of its uniqueness and comfortable insole.

6: NLeahershoe Slide Buckle Dancing Shoes: Ladies Swing Dance Shoes

Dance like nobody is watching you! Get the perfect pair of shoes and amaze your fellows. The black color is everyone’s favorite. After the immense effort, we have brought you an exceptional pair of shoes which will satisfy you in every way. Most of the ladies are looking for something unique that can go on all their outfits. There are many products in the market, but it crosses the whole list with its amazing features.

Key Features:

NLeahershoe Slide Buckle Dancing Shoes Ladies Swing Dance Shoes


Split sole shoes are not standard in the market. This leather piece is available with a split sole, thus giving you a wide range of steps to move your legs in every position. A flexible insole is present within it. Soft foam in it will provide perfect cushioning to your feet.

Fatigue may cause problems while dancing. It can resist you to dance freely. These swing heels will help you to cope with the pain problem. It is provided with the workmanship, which is mainly designed to provide extreme flexibility.

You will like you are going to school. A leather strap is present in the front, which provides substantial grip to your feet. The buckle is making it more suitable for those who have thin feet. It helps your feet to fit within it properly.

  • Normal heel
  • Perfect structure
  • High breathability
  • Comfortable insole
  • Leather made outsole
  • May seem uncomfortable to large feet
  • Hard toe-box

Final Verdict:

Compact structure and presence of all modern features make it one of the most demanded products among the dancers. Neglecting its cons, it will assist you in the best way.

7: Dress First Flats Dance Shoes: Cute Swing Shoes

Break the floor with your high heels swing shoes. You will see everyone dancing at bars. Just look at their shoes, are they like yours? Let me tell you about another fantastic item. You can’t catch others’ attention at part unless you are having some good pair of shoes. An outfit is incomplete with matching shoes, especially when you are a dancer.

Read further for diving into the ocean of its features!

Key Features:

Dress First Flats Dance Shoes Cute Swing Shoes


If you are looking for some genuine leather shoes, then this product is perfectly designed for you. You will feet its excellence right after wearing it. The insole is designed with satin, thus it provides a high-level comfort and freedom to your feet.

Are you a fan of block heels? If yes, then these leather swing heels are going to catch your attention in the store. One thing that sets it apart from other products is its thin lining. So, it will provide your feet with fresh oxygen to breathe in.

It is quite easy to clean. A glazing shine on it will give you a feeling of a professional dancer.

A Perfect Anniversary Gift!

If your wife is a swing dancer, gift her this shoe. She is going to be amazed!

  • Wide sole
  • Comfortable
  • Moderate block heel
  • Shiny surface
  • Buckle may cause the problem to tie-up.
  • Thin feet may slip down from it

Final Verdict:

Concluding point-by-point, it can be the best decision you will ever make for your dance class! Practicing dance daily is not a five-finger game. Make it easy now by choosing this product!

8: Ollio Women’s Shoe: Leather Sole Dance Shoes

Life is not perfect, but your dancing outfit can be! There is no benefit of going to your first ever swing dance class if you don’t have the best shoes for dancing. Make the floor to feel that someone is dancing on it. It is only possible with this excellent product. It is quite rare to meet all users’ needs, but this product is fulfilling all the recurring demands of its users.

Without driving your attention from our page, scroll down to get amazed by its features!

Key Features:

Ollio Womens Shoe Leather Sole Dance Shoes


Old fashioned shoes never go out of trend, so they are designed with a touch of the old pattern. They are made up of 100% synthetic materials; thus, they are safe from all abrasions.

A rubber sole is present at the bottom, which will help you push your feet to move in all directions. Humanmade material is in-coded within it; thus, this feature is making it different from other products.

It is included in the list of well-fashioned shoes in the world. The most important thing about it is it’s smooth and leather made outsole, which adds in its perfection.

  • High-level comfort
  • Availability of flat heels
  • Presence of laces
  • Old-fashioned design
  • Not perfect for those who prefer heels
  • No warranty

Final Verdict:

Bringing all of its qualities to a single page, I will say that your experience will be mind-blowing with this shoe. Invest in it, and break the dance floor with your favorite moves!

9: STELLE 2″ Character Shoes: Retro Dancing Shoes

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman wearing heels. Just look around you in the bar at people dancing on their own. All this is the magic of comfortable shoes. Do you want to do so? If yes, have a look at this 80s shoe.

The fashion of outfit may come and go, but the swag of shoes remains the same all the centuries. So if you also want to be a part of the fashion industry, continue reading.

Key Features:

STELLE 2 Character Shoes Retro Dancing Shoes


Your swing dance attire can be made perfect with this product. The presence of block heels in it attracts women towards it more than any other shoe in the list. The outlook is quite appealing that you can’t resist yourself from buying it!

It is available in all sizes, no matter what is the shape of your feet. The outsole is made up of a thin lining of the leather, thus enabling your feet to get a chance to breathe in the fresh air. An ankle strap is also present at the front, which is providing additional grip.

When you are provided with a perfect grip, your shoe will have the freedom to perform steps you have never thought to play!

Do you want to know the best part about it?

Unlike all other typical swing shoes, you can wear them under any outfit, whether you are going to a part, a club, or a formal dinner.

  • Buckle with a strap
  • The thin lining of the outsole
  • Super comfortable
  • Versatility
  • Short toe-box
  • Poor insole

Final Verdict:

Setting its drawbacks apart, I will share my personal experience with you. You will feel a noticeable change in your movements after wearing them. You will feel like flying in the sky rather than dancing on the floor. So, give it a try and win the hearts of your audience!

10: Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Pumps: Best Swing Heels

Shoes are with you in all the critical moments of life. They can make your little joys worth memorable. Just imagine going to a birthday party with your friend where you have to show some of your swing dance steps, and you don’t have proper shoes! It can be the worst feeling ever. For relieving you, we have brought the last but not the least product.

If you want something simple with class and couture, this product will meet all of your demands in the best way. Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

Key Features:

Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Pumps Best Swing Heels


High heels can make your outfit look beyond excellence. High-heels will be pleased to know that they are provided with quite more extended heels than all other shoes.

Dancing with heels need practice. So, the insole and outsoles are designed in the way to ensure maximum stability. You can move your legs freely. It is available in different colors so you can try it with all of your attires.

These vintage dance shoes are externally covered with high-quality leather. The heel base is quite stable; thus, you can feel like wearing sleepers. A strap and a buckle are also present within it, which will provide you additional stretchiness.

  • Stable structure
  • Comfortable outsole and insole
  • Tight grip
  • Ankle support
  • It provides less space for fingers to move
  • Quite uncomfortable to some users

Final Verdict:

Besides all of its negative aspects, you’ll see that customers are drooling over it. The fundamental reason is its style and whole outlook. Try it and produce a tic-tac sound on the floor with your steps!

11: Capezio SD103: Best Men’s Social Dance Shoes

There is no restriction on age and gender when you decide to dance. No doubt swing dancing is popular among women but you will also see men performing swing dance at large platforms. All you need is a perfect shoe and you can dance without any hindrance.

For pleasing our swing dancers we are introducing these swing dance shoes for men.

Key Features:

Capezio Mens SD103 Dance Shoe Best Mens Social Dance Shoes


You will first take them as office boots because of the sturdy structure.  The weight is too low as expected for the dance shoes. At the bottom, it is provided with a suede sole which helps you increase your mobility.

A 1-inch heel s also present within it which is adding more grace to its outlook. It is pretty cushioned inside so you won’t have to get an additional insole. You can wear them without socks too!

A stitched design is also present on its outsole. It will produce a tic-tac sound on the wooden floor so you will enjoy your performance in the best way.

  • Extreme comfort
  • Suede sole
  • Lightweight
  • Made up of high quality materials
  • Not available in all sizes
  • Some people find the to-box quite narrow

Final Verdict:

Not all swing shoes come with the same features. Some are always more than WOW. Luckily, Capezio Men’s is among them. Its Shock-absorbing sponge insole and flexible outsole make it a unicorn in the field of horses.

12: NLeahershoe Lace-up: Men’s Swing Shoes

We all know that men are professional dancers all over the world regardless of the dance type. But dancing like a free bird is not possible if you are not wearing the right swing shoes. We are well aware of the types of swing shoes which are common among men.  So we are here with an outstanding option for our customers.

Key features:

NLeahershoe Lace up Dancing Shoes for Men Mens Swing Shoes


Made with premium quality leather, they are going to last for years. Moving your feet continuously is not a joke. So for relieving your feet it is provided with a padded insole.

Your feet need a continuous supply of oxygen so the whole shoe is made with a thin layer of leather to ensure maximum supply of air to your feet.

What’s an amazing feature?

Unlike all other swing shoes, these swing shoes for men are provided with an anti-slip technology which will help you to remain stable during your dance!

  • High breathability
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to wear
  • Modern design
  • Doesn’t provide ankle support
  • Not suitable for thick feet

Final Verdict :

In light of the above compelling features, I will say that if you’re a passionate swing dancer and wants to take your dance skill to the next level, this pair of shoe may give you a hand.  I will suggest you buy its large size so your feet will fit in it easily.

Tips to Consider for Buying Perfect Swing Dance Shoes [ A Beginner’s Buying Guide]

No doubt, the most sensitive and crucial part of the body is feet. For dancers, it is quite challenging to maintain the health of their feet. Shoes can build your personality in the right way. There is no gain of investing your pocket money in low-quality shoes.

Are you a beginner and looking for the right shoe? If yes, hold on! Don’t buy your shoe if you’re in a hurry. There certain factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing a dancing shoe. Without the presence of these factors, there is no difference in a normal and a dance shoe.

Dance floors are usually a challenge for the dancer’s feet but can overcome this milestone by choosing the right shoe! Loose grip, excess stretchiness, high heels, shallow heels, sturdy insole, and a poorly manufactured outsole-in short anything can bring boom and bust cycles to your career.

Let me help you to secure your feature by telling the worth considering factors while buying a shoe!

Heels- Keep The Comfort of Your Feet First

On one side, heels can bring a barbie look to you; they can also harm your feet a lot. Heel height is one of the most important factors while choosing your favorite shoe if you have selected footwear containing high heels, it’s better to leave that then to harm your feet.

The standard height of heels is perfect for the dancer’s dance in a flow. Try to choose those shoes who have a heel height of about 2.5″.

The Shape of Toe-Set Your Fingers Free

Wearing dance shoes is a routine for dancers. If you choose a pump with a small toe-box, your fingers will never feel comfortable! In market closed toe and open toe, both options are available, but all you have to do is keep your fingers’ comfort as the priority.

Try to select those shoes with open toes so that your fingers can move freely. No doubt, all shoes are made to provide your feet an extreme comfort. So, try to make sure about your fingers’ comfort zone with the shape of the toe-box.

Soles-Provide Extreme Cushioning to Your Feet

Soles are of two types insole and outsole. You will not dance professionally if you don’t have proper cushioning in the insole. Your feet will feel like home if your shoes have a cotton-like insole.

The outsole is an essential factor in providing your feet stability. A perfect outsole can make you dance like Michael Jackson. You will notice the professional dancers; they have perfectly designed outsole for maximum durability.

Invest in Durable Shoes!

We all don’t have extra money to spend again and again on buying new shoes every week. So, try to choose those shoes which are long-lasting. A durable shoe can stay with you for years, thus becoming your best friend.

High-quality leather shoes are perfect when it is talked about durability. No other material is as long-lasting as leather. So, try to make sure that you buy a shoe that has a leather made outlook.

Find a Shoe with a Tight Grip

You can’t dance with all of your energy if your feet don’t have a perfect grip. Make sure to buy those shoes which will hold your feet like a bush hold a cloth. Move-in every position you want with a tight squeeze.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a ballet dancer, a ballroom dancer, a jazz dancer, or a swing dancer. The thing that matters is what kind of shoes are you wearing for dancing? So, don’t waste your time, choose any footwear from the list of 10 best swing dance shoes above and rock the stage like a barbie!

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